Is Perfection Possible?

Tips for Perfectionists

In her blog Simple Mom, Tsh Oxenreider posted Perfection: The Thief of “Good Enough.”

Her insights are spot on and a good read. She says:


I’ve been staring at this chest of drawers that serves as our family’s craft cabinet for about three weeks. It’s totally disheveled and it hasn’t been organized since we moved here four months ago.

I need to go through it and put things in order. But I haven’t started the project because the ideal craft cabinet in my head would take an entire afternoon.



I’ve put it off because if I can’t do it perfectly, I think it’s better not to touch it at all.

Is being a perfectionist a hindrance? Or do we make it work to our advantage?

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  1. Annette says

    Sometimes we have to accept that we are not able to” eat the elephant” in one sitting and remember to take a bite at a time.

    I am facing my overloaded files and my deceased parents overloaded files. The 17 boxes were and are overwhelming me. I have to convince myself that my “bites” are doing some good. Sharing with others helps! It may take more than 365 bites to completely eat this “elephant.”

    A wise friend told me “to face the challenge of things that are eternally important.” Some bites are worth chewing and some are not. Decisions, decisions, decisions. . . .

  2. Marion Stewart says

    I have always said, “not all things worth doing, are worth doing well”. Some jobs can be done quickly and are just enough. Maybe that’s an excuse for my tendency to get bored with the task at hand! But I really have learned that if I have only 10 minutes, I can get the kitchen clean enough for quick company. You may not be able to eat off the floor, but you also won’t stick to it. Some tasks are worth it, though, like wall papering. I would never attempt it. My wonderful husband does a great job along with the fine furniture he can build. But if it’s a road show costume and no one has to look on the inside, that’s my job! We have learned to appreciate each other’s talents and use our weaknesses as strengths. He tapes and prepares for painting and does the cutting in. I roll it on and we get it done together. I wash the car and get the water all over the place. He polishes it perfectly where it counts. I’m capable of carefully and flawlessly polishing the chandelier in the temple and I know it matters there. So many jobs are worth doing well. And some are just worth getting through! I used to feel guilty that I was out playing soccer with my kids when laundry needed to be folded. They are all gone and I could spend all day perfecting the laundry thing, but instead, I look out the window and enjoy our neibhbor kids out playing basketball with their dads!

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