Beyond the Sunday School Answers: Tips for LDS Teachers

Drawing on his experience as a teacher, Dennis, from Thinking in a Marrow Bone, gives us his take on how teachers can make Sunday School–or other meetings–more meaningful.


I’m going to say what many Latter-day Saints are thinking, but some are afraid to say: Sunday School is often mediocre.

I recognize that most teachers try hard and take their callings seriously. But certainly Sunday School doesn’t have to be the mind-numbing chore that it seems to be for many members. In this post, I offer ten simple tips that could radically improve Sunday School lessons. (Yes, I will be that bold.)



What’s worked for you as a teacher? What have you seen other teachers do that is effective? Leave us a comment.


  1. jkcook says

    I do prefer discussions to monologues and appreciate the reminder to come up with good questions. However, personally, I also like closure, so do not appreciate classes where I leave feeling muddled. I prefer a good discussion, with an ending where the teacher says, great points, here’s the view of the brethren or from the manual. Then I can go home and think about how or what I can do to align myself better with the church teachings. If they are never stated, I can’t do that.

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