The Spirit’s Influence in the Process of Self-Improvement

Jeanette Green, mother of a daughter with microcephaly and another daughter who is adopted, writes about a moment of clarity she had while going for a run in the rain after Christmas.

As I conquered the steep beastly hill, my legs ached and wanted to stop, but my thoughts continued. From Christmas, I thought of the tradition of setting new goals for the New Year. And I had a moment of clarity; it all made sense. You see, for a month or so, the world focuses on the Lord. We sing carols, many bearing testimony of the birth of Jesus Christ. We are kind, patient, think of others first–whether we are aware of it or not, we are being Christ-like, for a month–at least. How appropriate, then, is it that we would have the desire and be motivated to improve upon ourselves and become more like Him?

Read more by Jeanette Green at Mormon Women.


Does a New Year’s resolution motivate you most, or do you have a quest to just do a little better each day? We’d love to hear from you.

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