Look Up When You Can’t Sing

Do you wonder what the purpose of your trials is? Even when we don’t understand the “whys” of our suffering, the scriptures tell us that “whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.” Your trial may be the very thing that enables you to be who you have the potential to become, the person you were always meant to be.

Rebeccca writes:

I have really been experiencing a refiner’s fire lately, and as I have been turning to the Lord for strength, and practicing charity, I have been learning that these trials are the Lord’s way of perfecting me and purifying me. For what? Maybe nothing other than to live with Him again someday. But as I look to the Lord for strength in my trials, and as I learn to forgive and love, I am feeling myself grow and develop in ways I didn’t even know I need to grow.

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How do you keep an eternal perspective during your most difficult times? Leave a comment.


  1. Karen says

    I always think it is like going through a tunnel. There will be light at the other end. Let time do the healing. In the meantime, focus on what is happy or good in your life. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the hurt we can’t see the things that could be bringing us joy. We can not change the things that have happened but we can still live and go on. I know our Heavenly Father mourns for us, but I know He is still a happy person. So I guess our trials are a lesson in Godhood.

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