Make a Valentine Tree Centerpiece

Celebrate the month of love with a craft that celebrates the ones you love. Jamie at The Crafting Chicks made a “tree” out of some crafting branches in a vase and personalized it with pictures of her children. She took it one step further, and on the back of each picture she wrote, “We love (child’s name) because…”

This craft can be personalized in so many ways! It would also work great with pictures of roommates, grandchildren, Primary classes, or nieces/nephews. You could even use photos of extended family or make it a family tree with pictures of ancestors you are thankful for. I also like that you can make this at different levels of difficulty–cute and craftsy, as it’s shown, or simply, with real branches and just cut-out photo prints.

Just think of the love that would grow from people seeing their pictures in a place of honor on your “love tree” with a special note about why they are important to you. And when you’re ready to change out the decorations, you could put some spring ornaments on your tree. So get crafting! Click here for instructions.

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