Primary Helps: Two-minute Talks

It’s Saturday night, and you just got the “reminder” call that your child has a talk tomorrow. Only problem is, this is the first time you’ve heard about it! Oops, guess Junior accidentally lost the little slip of paper he was supposed to give to you last Sunday. What to do?

Before you panic, check out this site with two-minute talks on many topics. You can download and use these Primary talks anytime, whether it’s an emergency or not. Some families even have their children use them as the basis for a family home evening. Click here to see the talks.

Thank you to the folks at LDS Primary Talks for this invaluable resource for parents and Primary leaders!
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  1. Inoka de silva says

    I am from Sri Lanka ,I have one doughtier,we are member of the church ,she love giving talks,but same time i have hard time to help her because my English not very good,this talks help me lost,me love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ ,thanks for help ,
    Sister inoka from Sri Lanka

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