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At yourLDSblog, we’re always on the lookout for the best articles and info–things that will improve and simplify your life and help you gain a new perspective. Scroll on down for a few things we think you’ll like:

  • A square-foot gardening frame
  • DIY e-reader/tablet cover
  • Strength training for women
  • Mood management help for addicts


Jennifer Hughes

Editor, yourLDSblog.com


Spring Is in the Air…

As it looks more and more like spring outside, do you get the itch–like me–to start planning your yard and garden? Here’s a garden plan so simple even a Cub Scout could do it!

Boys’ Life figured out this great garden plan that maximizes variety in a compact space, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to build it.  Don’t be deceived–this article is for all ages! Read it to jog your own ideas, or build this with your kids, and introduce them to the joy of gardening. Click here for the tutorial.


DIY No-sew Tablet Cover

Everywhere you look, more and more people are carrying iPads and e-readers. They’re so convenient and fun…but all of the accessories and add-ons can create a considerable expense after you’ve already spent so much on the device.

We found this really simple (believe me!) cover at Carolyn’s Homework that you make with an old book and some fabric and glue. Voila! Thrifty, green and unique!

See the post here.


Strength Training Q & A

Some women feel that they cannot lose weight no matter what they do. Cami at Fitness for Mom notes, “When I ask if they lift weights they look at me like I’m suggesting they pluck their chest hairs.”

If you aren’t lifting weights you are missing out. Many women shy away from strength training because of fears and misconceptions. Strength training is the most effective way to lose weight, change your shape, and increase daily stamina.

See this helpful article for answers to your questions about strength training for women.


Help for Addicts

“My mind is a bad neighborhood that I try to not go into alone.”

While Anne Lamott’s humorous adage makes us smile, she does identify a significant problem: The moods found in the neighborhood of our minds can challenge our mental health, well-being, and happiness.

In the article “Mood Management,” Roger Stark, creator of the Waterfall Concept, explores seven healthy ways (from “live in the moment” to “practice service”) that we can manage our moods and not be a victim to them and succumb to addictive behaviors.

Read the post at LDS Addiction Recovery.
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