FHE Idea: Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a hard issue to deal with no matter your age.  There’s always people out there wanting to make you feel less than what you are, and it can be tricky not to listen.  This is a topic I wanted to talk to my kids about as they deal with being around insecure peers at school while trying to figure out who they really want to be.


FHE Theme: Having a positive self-esteem


Scripture: D&C 18:10


Songs: ”I am a Child of God” and “I’m Thankful to Be Me” Children’s Songbook


Story/activity: Start the lesson by talking about how we are all made in God’s image, and how we are all God’s children.  All of us are important to the Lord.  But sometimes there are people who want to make us feel like we aren’t important, or that we are not as special/good/worthwhile as they are.  If we listen to those people we will start feeling exactly that way – that we are not important.  That makes us feel pretty horrible.

Sometimes there are people who want us to feel important, they want us to know how special/good/worthwhile we are.  Those people can see the value that God sees in each one of us.  If we spend time and listen to these people we will feel happy and we can use our good self-esteem to help build up those around us.

Give examples, or ask for situations the family has been in where you helped, or were helped, in raising self-esteem.  Give examples of the opposite.

And now comes the part where you get to take part in the awesome tradition of watching the movie Johnny Lingo!!  This is one of my favorites but my kids have never seen it.  Of course you could skip this part of the lesson, but WHY WOULD YOU?!  It’s Johnny Lingo!

After the movie discuss how Johnny Lingo’s actions changed Mahana’s self-esteem. Then have everyone in the family suggest a way they’ll try to make themselves and those around them feel better about themselves.

End your lesson with a prayer and treat!

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