FHE Idea: Getting Ready for General Conference

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General Conference will be happening this weekend, so I thought it would be a good idea to get my family prepared to listen and appreciate the opportunity to hear our church leaders instruct us.


FHE Theme: Getting Ready for General Conference


Scripture: D&C 21:5-7


Songs: ”Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” LDS Hymnbook and “Follow the Prophet” Children’s Songbook


Story/activity: Assign someone in your family to read the scripture D&C 21:5-7, and have them stand in front of the rest of the family while they read.  Just as they start reading, distract the rest of the family by talking, shouting, getting up and leaving the room, poking someone, etc.  Make sure that no one in the family will be able to hear the scripture, but make the assigned person read the whole thing.

After the scripture has been read ask your family what it was about.  Ask them if they felt the spirit while they heard the scripture being read.  Ask them if it seemed like the scripture was important to hear.  If you distracted them well enough no one should even know what the whole FHE is about yet.

Now have the same person get up and read D&C 21:5-7 again.  But this time make sure the rest of the family is sitting still, being quiet, and paying close attention.  After it has been read, ask the same questions as before.  But also ask if anyone noticed what was different about the second reading.

This activity will hopefully show your family why it’s important to be quiet and attentive during General Conference, even if you are sitting in your own family room watching it on tv or hearing it on the radio.  (I know that my family has a tendency to take General Conference less seriously because we are just at home.)

Once everyone can see the difference between paying attention and being distracting, discuss the words of the scripture.  Ask questions like:

• What does it mean to receive the prophet’s words “as if from mine own mouth”?

• Why do we want the heavens to shake for our good and the gates of hell to prevail against us?  What does that mean to us personally?

• Who is the verse 7 talking about, and why is it important to know this?

Bear your testimony about the importance of listening to General Conference and being reverent and attentive when hearing our prophet speak.  Then, as I always say, end your Family Home Evening with a prayer and something delicious to eat!



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