General Conference Printables and Activities

As much as I would like to get my kids to sit still during General Conference this weekend, I just don’t think they can do it without a little help.  Which is why I will be dipping into this fabulous list of printables and activities based on, you know, General Conference:

Little LDS Ideas came up with this clever (and really fun) idea to play Jenga while watching General Conference by labeling the blocks with words like “prayer”, “family”, etc.  Your kids will be paying attention so they can play as they watch!
Let your kids play with this fun printable file folder game from Green Jello with Carrots.  They’ll recognize the members of the First Presidency, the choir, and the organ pipes!  This is a good activity especially for little kids.
Sugardoodle always comes up with the best General Conference packets.  This is the October 2012 packet filled with lots of fun stuff that will keep your kids engaged and quiet for the entire weekend!
If you really want your family paying attention, use this awesome idea from Brown Paper Packages.  Fill the labeled buckets with candy, then when someone mentions each topic during a General Conference talk your family can dip into the bucket and enjoy the treat!
This is a cute little General Conference printable packet from Somewhat Simple.  The colors are fun and include a bunch of activities to keep little ones sitting still.
This would be great for older kids (or for Visiting Teaching sisters)!  The printable says “Make the Most of Conference” and the little baggy is filled with M&M candies!  The printout also includes instructions on how you can make the most when listening to speakers during General Conference.
I know we can never have enough printable activities, especially since we like to enjoy General Conference as a family for all of the sessions (which can seem like a really long time for a kid).  But this Conference Activity packet will help keep the kids interested and happy!

I hope you and your family enjoy listening to the Prophet and all the other inspired speakers this weekend during General Conference!

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