The Beauty of Nature is a Gift from God: FHE Idea

the colors of autumnThere are two times a year that really emphasizes the beauty of nature for me.  One is in spring when the world becomes green again, and another is autumn when the world is ablaze with color.  My family loves taking long Sunday evening drives to look at the world changing around us.  So I thought it would make a good FHE topic, since I know it’s something that we all like anyway.


FHE Theme: The Beauty of Nature is a Gift from God


Scripture: Genesis 1:6-30


Songs: ”All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “It’s Autumntime” Children’s Songbook


Story/activity: Before you begin your FHE lesson go on a walk as a family.  Point out birds, trees, clouds, etc.  Then once you’ve gotten home again and have settled down for the lesson ask each member of your family what their favorite part of the walk was.  Emphasize the all the beautiful things you’ve seen.

Read the scripture Genesis 1:6-30, and discuss with your family how God made the world, and then gave it to all mankind.  He created fish, and birds, and trees, and fruit, and animals, and meat, and then He gave us dominion over all things.  It was a gift.  A beautiful gift for us to take care of enjoy.

The New Era August 2010 article “Beauty All Around” includes eight pictures taken by readers of place on Earth that they find beautiful.  Share the pictures with your family and try to talk about what they like about each picture and what makes that particle part of nature so amazing.

There is a great quote at the end of that article by M. Russell Ballard:

“To truly reverence the Creator, we must appreciate his creations. We need to plan to take time to observe the marvels of nature. … Take time to sit on a hillside and feel the tranquility of the evening when the sun casts its last golden glow over the horizon. Take time to smell the roses.”


autumn leaves clipartIf you’re looking for a fun activity to engage your family members during this lesson try using Green Jello with Carrot’s “It’s Autumntime Song Help”.

These cute leaves will surely make singing the song more fun, plus they can be used in a variety of ways during your lesson.  You can hold a question and answer period where each leaf is assigned a particular question – each member of your family gets to pick a leaf and answer the question.  You can also give everyone a leaf in exchange for something they learned from the lesson – they get to keep the leaf as a reminder of the beauty around them during autumn.



I personally think this lesson would particularly end well with a yummy pumpkin flavored dessert, but I’m sure your family would be happy with anything delicious!



  1. Leah says

    Hi I really love your site and have found great resources with your FHE ideas! I just wanted to let you know that the above quote you have that is was “Russel M. Ballard” but it should be M. Russell Ballard

    • says

      Thanks so much Leah! We appreciate ‘proofreaders’ .. these kind of mistakes can easily happen when you are typing content all day long :) So glad you enjoy the blog .. we hope to expand and grow it with all the info our readers want most.


      Sher, Blog Admin

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