4th Anniversary Celebration and Giveaways!

yourLDSradio.com is celebrating it’s fourth anniversary!  The prizes started on monday and continue throughout the next few days when on the 19th the grand prize winner will get a free set of luggage from Missionary Mall valued at $350!

A prize will be given out every 4 days from last monday until November 19th (which is the fourth day of the celebration and yourLDSradio’s official anniversary date).  On the 19th prizes will be given out EVERY FOUR HOURS!  That’s right – you have lots of chances to win!  All you have to do is “like” the yourLDSradio facebook page to enter.

The prizes include stuff like music CDs, EFY gift packs, books, puzzles, gift certificates for emergency food items, coupons for scrapbooking, prints and original art work.   So you know, GOOD stuff.

In the four years that yourLDSradio.com has been around they’ve really grown.  According to Gaylen Rust, the CEO and founder of yourLDsradio.com, the site has “hit major milestones in streams, total listening hours, and the time listeners spend on the site. Throughout 2012, the station was ranked as the number two online station in the nation in its category of inspirational music.”  Plus yourLDSradio currently has listeners in more than 156 countries.  So there is definitely something to celebrate!

Go “like” the facebook page RIGHT NOW so you can win and celebrate with us!


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