Be of Good Cheer


As we consider resolutions and goals for the New Year, certainly a worthy one would be to follow the Lord’s admonition to be of good cheer. Being of good cheer is a virtue. Cheerfulness is a condition, more of the mind than of circumstance, and is worthy of cultivation. Read the rest by Daryl Hoole [Read More...]

In-line with the In-laws


yourLDSneighborhood News for Friday, 4 November, 2011 To Become Like Ruth by Cindy Beck Two men are sitting on a park bench. One says to his buddy, “My mother-in-law is an angel.” His friend replies, “You’re lucky.  Mine is still alive.”   When dating my husband, I assumed that jokes like that were a comedian’s stock-in-trade and [Read More...]

Don’t Forget the “Fall” Things


yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 26 October, 2011 Life Is Just So Daily by Linda Garner A model Mom was Mary Lee, amazing for her friends to see. She cleaned the house and fed the fishes, Walked the dog, and did the dishes.   She drove her kids, plus neighbors, to school, and lectured about the [Read More...]

Putting the Heart in Hearth

Rachelle Christensen

yourLDSneighborhood News for Monday, 17 October, 2011   Teaching Children Proper Phone Etiquette by Rachelle Christensen Have you ever been surprised by a phone call? Did you handle it well? Or was the person on the other side surprised by your reaction? Rachelle gives us a few tips on how to teach our children to [Read More...]

Getting the Most Out of Life

Phil van Dijk

Welcome to the yourLDSneighborhood News for Friday, 23 September Playin’ Hooky from School by Phil van Dijk Do you have good memories of time spent at home? Do you have fond memories of time with mom? If that’s the case, you’ll enjoy reading Phil’s article about his childhood memories.

Helpful Reminders

Welcome to the Neighborhood News Through the years, we members of the LDS Church have received plenty of reminders about preparedness. There have been enough General Authorities, including prophets, giving us advice and reminding us of what’s expected of us.

Unearthing Treasures

Welcome to the Neighborhood News We have been counseled to grow gardens by one of our prophets. Life started in the garden of Eden. Jesus shed blood through His pores in the garden of Gethsemane. Gardens appear to be important.