FHE Lesson: Love at Home by Lara Goold


♥ Love At Home ♥ by Lara Goold Materials needed: Scriptures, wedding picture, current family picture Purpose: To help family members to find better solutions to solving problems than arguing, yelling, disobeying, or saying mean things and by so doing, making our homes happy places that are filled with love. Scriptures: Mosiah 4:14 Opening song [Read More…]

FHE Lesson: Love Thy Neighbor by Lara Goold


Starting today we will be sharing a 3 part FHE series on “LOVE” in honor of Valentine’s Day and just because there is nothing we can think of that is more wonderful to talk about than love!  These lessons come from blogger, Lara Goold and can be found on Srcibd or her page, Parenting in the [Read More…]

Protecting Our Children from Hot Car Tragedies


Children dying in hot cars is tragic. My heart breaks for the Suwyn family recently in the news. I honestly believe this horrible mistake could be made by any one of us. Changes in your routine can throw you off;  having a carload of bouncing and loud kids and one sleeping baby that can be easily forgotten, [Read More…]