Need an Oasis of Calm in Your Day?


All around us is beauty if we only have eyes to see it. God created this amazing world for us to be uplifted and inspired by. So we created a Pinterest board that is a little oasis of calm you can retreat to whenever you want to be reminded of God’s love for you, as [Read More…]

Improve the Shining Moments

Lisa Asanuma

yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 14 December, 2011 Finding Bits of Joy in Between Broken Glass by Lisa Asanuma I’m a firm believer in an “attitude of gratitude” and that happiness is a choice. Sometimes, though, life just seems bent on frustrating you and all of the things that you want. Sometimes you have to work [Read More…]

Tender Mercies of the Lord


yourLDSneighborhood News for 21 November, 2011 Comfort for a Grandma and a Princess by Marion Stewart My father is in prison.  There’s a great stigma attached to having a family member in prison.  In the LDS culture it’s even tougher.  I was going south to deliver my granddaughter to a “princess party,” but I had [Read More…]

My Red Stoplight Blessing

Traffic light

From Mormon Soprano: It was a hectic morning and I was late to work. Again! Only yesterday I had taken my youngest child to register for her senior year of high school. We had to wait in a long line, which also meant that I would definitely be late arriving for work. The day had [Read More…]

Motherhood – A Divine Desire


yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 12 October, 2011   I Will Stand Still For You   by Lisa Love     It was my last year at girl’s camp. We were on the long descent down from Mt. Ben Lomond, near Ogden, Utah. The mountain is so steep in some parts and so dense in foliage [Read More…]

Memorable Learning Moments

Annette Lyon

yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 28 September, 2011 What Maria Taught Me by Annette Lyon When I got my new visiting teaching route that year, I didn’t recognize the name of my companion: Maria. But I worked as a Young Women leader, and had almost since entering the ward, so of course I didn’t know a [Read More…]