Oatmeal Apple Bites – Mandy’s Recipe Box


These Oatmeal Apple Bites are a great cookie for busy months ahead. They are healthier than most cookies which is just what we need after indulging in all the yummy treats this holiday season. Hey there! It’s Mandy back from Mandy’s Recipe Box. I love these little cookies. My kids love them, too, which is [Read More…]

Alphabet Pretzels – Rhodes Kids Baking Recipe of the Week


If they haven’t already, your kids will be getting tired of the ‘same old, same old’ PB & J sandwiches to school or daycare everyday.  Check out these awesome whole wheat (did I say Healthy!) Alphabet Pretzel dippers for a fun alternative.  These come from Rhodes Bake-N-Serv’s brand new Kids cooking website: www.rhodeskidsbaking.com You and [Read More…]

Protecting Our Children from Hot Car Tragedies


Children dying in hot cars is tragic. My heart breaks for the Suwyn family recently in the news. I honestly believe this horrible mistake could be made by any one of us. Changes in your routine can throw you off;  having a carload of bouncing and loud kids and one sleeping baby that can be easily forgotten, [Read More…]

Favorite Recipes for our Favorite Fathers!


We thought it would be fun to ask our Guest Bloggers to share their husbands’ and fathers’ favorite recipes!  Let us know which ones you try and if they have now become the man in your life’s fave! From Adelina Priddis of  Home Maid Simple    Click the Images to be redirected to her site [Read More…]

Look to Christ FHE Lesson


Article by Adelina Priddis, Home Maid Simple Blog Image Source A couple weeks ago, as I was reading the scriptures in the beautiful silence of an early morning, I read in  John chapter 1  the story of Jesus healing the blind man. When asked by the Pharisees who healed him, he told them it was Christ. [Read More…]