Sara Noel Bauman – Artist of the Week Interview

Skydiving in Hawaii last year - funnest and most terrifying thing I've ever done!

Today’s interview is with the lovely and talented Sara Noel Bauman. Sara began studying the violin at the age of three and has studied in lessons and master classes with many of the nation’s top violin pedagogues including Sylvia Rosenberg (Julliard), Alexander Kerr (Indiana University), Robert Lippsett (Colburn School, LA), Hasse Borrup (University of Utah), [Read More...]

Michael R. Hicks – Artist of the Week


Our interview this week is with Michael R. Hicks.  Michael has uplifted audiences all over the world – from the Middle East to California, from Calgary, Canada to Kenya, Africa. His music has won awards and many have performed his arrangements, from small church choirs to famed country stars. Michael is perhaps best known as the [Read More...]

Jason Benzon – Artist of the Week


Our artist interview this week is with Jason Benzon.  Jason’s first spark of love for music was found when he held his first guitar at the age of 13. From there it grew into a passion for songwriting, arranging, and eventually growing into a love for recording. His love for music is very obvious in [Read More...]

Kory Kunz – Artist of the Week Interview

The Krazy Kunz family!

Kory Kunz is a multi-faceted person: a religion professor at BYU-Idaho, Senior HR Manager with Melaleuca, Inc, EFY speaker, singer/songwriter and husband to Suzette and father of the large Krazy Kunz family!  This man of many talents is well loved; from the reviews from his BYU students who sing his praises to EFY young people [Read More...]

Michele Baer – Artist of the Week Interview

Our family

Michele Baer is more than just a good singer. She possesses a rare gift for melody and an ability to capture the deepest emotions in song and verse.Kurt Bestor, Composer/Performer With her rich, mature tonal quality, captivating melodies, and her messages of faith and family, Michele Wood Baer intrigues and inspires audiences of all ages [Read More...]

Vickey Pahnke Taylor – Artist Interview of the Week

Sunglasses are my norm!

  Vickey Pahnke Taylor is a wife, mom, grandmother, teacher, author, blogger and Billboard award-winning songwriter with hundreds of songs to her credit. If that weren’t enough, she also has a Masters degree in interpersonal communications.  Vickey uses music as a teaching tool but her favorite way to use music is to sing to her children.  In [Read More...]

Heartbound – Artist Interview of the Week

Heartbound P

Lori Hales, Debbie Bastian, and Me’Chel Musgrave comprise the group Heartbound. Their unique blend of both music and motivational stories has delighted audiences throughout the United States. They have been singing together for more than 25 years. As best friends, they found that singing together consumes fewer calories than going to lunch regularly. Between them, [Read More...]