“Best of the Week” Sampler


At yourLDSblog, we’re always on the lookout for the best articles and info–things that will improve and simplify your life and help you gain a new perspective. Scroll on down for a few things we think you’ll like: A square-foot gardening frame DIY e-reader/tablet cover Strength training for women Mood management help for addicts Enjoy! [Read More…]

Make a Pillow Mattress


Here’s a tutorial for a cute pillow mattress you can sew for for the kids to lounge around or take a nap on. Or make one for yourself to take outside as the weather warms up, and you’ll have a cozy, soft place to rest. In a nutshell, you sew the cover and then stuff [Read More…]

Fabric Daisy Tutorial


I enjoy looking at other people’s crafty ideas, because that just doesn’t come naturally to me. Even better is a step-by-step tutorial that walks me through the whole process. Then I really feel confident in making something cute. I love the little fabric flowers I’ve been seeing around. Here’s a great lesson for making some [Read More…]

Make Chocolate “Scriptures”


Reading your scriptures is wonderful, but here’s the second-best way to feast on them: in chocolate! From the website Raising a Kumquat, use this idea for making a memorable and easy class handout. This was originally used for a Young Women’s lesson, but it would work for any church class.

Make a Valentine Tree Centerpiece


Celebrate the month of love with a craft that celebrates the ones you love. Jamie at The Crafting Chicks made a “tree” out of some crafting branches in a vase and personalized it with pictures of her children. She took it one step further, and on the back of each picture she wrote, “We love [Read More…]

What Can You Do With Acorns?

acorn w/brown back

Acorns provide inspiration for great nature crafts for Fall and early Winter. Just make sure to follow these tips for working with these seeds to achieve the best results. This do-it-yourself craft project is so simple, yet so cute. Michelle Mitton from Scribbit blogs about Motherhood in Alaska and shares with her readers these tidbits [Read More…]

There’s Sunshine in My Soul


Welcome to the Neighborhood News   Enjoy more fully the sunlight. President Gordon B. Hinckley Coming from a Prophet, the following excerpt will help us be more positive about the things that are important. President Hinckley has said in his Words of the Prophet: The Spirit of Optimism: “There never was a greater time in the [Read More…]