FHE: Home, a Place of Safety

fhe family home evening

A battle of good against evil rages all around us. We need to do everything in our power to make our homes a haven and a place of safety. Today’s family home evening focuses on how we create a safe environment for our families. We cannot afford to be complacent in our stewardship as guardians of our [Read More…]

Open Eyes, Open Heart


Even moving past the challenges of divorce, there are a whole new set of issues with remarriage. Frequently, children are involved as well as ex-spouses, and each person in the family means another relationship to forge. Married to a previously divorced man, Katrina Anderson writes keeping your eyes open when going into a step-family–but also [Read More…]

In This There Is Safety


yourLDSneighborhood News for Friday, 27 January, 2012 Stopping Sleepovers by Cami Checketts   Sleepover are the bane of my happy home. My boys request a sleepover every few weeks, usually while the friend or cousin they want to stay with is standing right next to them. Even with the pressure of wanting to be the [Read More…]

Bring Them Home


yourLDSneighborhood News for Monday, 16 January, 2012 Gratitude for the Wayward Child by Linda Garner We may not understand why our children wander when we raised them in the gospel. Many parents feel guilt and shame and wonder where they went wrong.  Those with a wandering child can feel intense pain from  feeling the fabric [Read More…]

Train up a Child


yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 28 December, 2011 Discipline: an Opportunity for Christlike Parenting by Joel Hiller How do my wife and I teach our young children right from wrong and find the balance between justice and mercy? In our quest to learn what discipline is effective, I’ve talked to a lot of other parents and [Read More…]

Heaven’s Hands


yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 21 December, 2011 Ivy’s Christmas Gift by Marie C. Ricks My four sons at were at home with my husband, and I was at the hospital tending our 13-month-old son, all while Christmas celebrations swirled around but did not seem to include us.  But though I was tearful and somber, Ivy [Read More…]

Making Home a Haven


yourLDSneighborhood News for Monday, 19 December, 2011 Our Home as an Island by Jennifer Ricks Do our lives sometimes feel full of dark, foggy winter days? Perhaps the answer to dispelling the mists of uncertainty and fear is that we need to make our homes islands, havens of safety from the world’s darkness. How do [Read More…]