52 Weeks of Service Ideas for Kids!


Every week on Facebook, we’ve been providing suggestions for our 52 Weeks of Service project (simillar to Random Acts of Kindness)   We love your ideas and since this week’s post is a LONG list with MANY great ideas; we are going to post it on our blog!  These are designed for children to do [Read More…]

FHE Lesson: Love One Another

fhe family home evening

Loving others isn’t just for one day a year; it’s a commandment for us to do always! The Lord has laid the responsibility on parents to teach their families to love and serve each other. It’s a daily challenge, and it’s something we have to keep teaching and re-teaching. Valentine’s day is the perfect time [Read More…]

Make a Blessing Bag for the Needy


Sometimes I see that homeless man on the corner. He looks cold and is probably hungry. I’m moved to compassion, but I know that handing him money is not the best thing. And even though I contribute to fast offerings, it still doesn’t feel right to just pass by someone in need. I’ve been given [Read More…]