FHE Idea: King Benjamin

king benjamin marshmallow tower

The story of King Benjamin addressing his people is great for a couple of reasons.  King Benjamin was a great leader who was blessed and appointed by God.  And the people who gathered to listen to him were righteous and knew the importance of listening and following the words of their king. (Plus, this lesson [Read More…]

FHE Idea: Little Pioneer Children

little pioneer children

  With tomorrow being Pioneer Day, I thought it would be fun to have a fun little Family Home Evening about it.  My kids are still small so instead of focusing on dates, and places, and details about the suffering and hardships the pioneers faced, this lesson is about how children today can be pioneers [Read More…]

FHE: A YEAR of Lessons on Primary Theme!

fhe family home evening

Do you have Primary-aged kids or grandkids? If so, we have found a treasure trove for you! Instead of trying to thumb through The Friend looking for a few ideas for FHE here and there, you can now coordinate what your kids are learning at church with your family home evenings. Jessica Feth has written [Read More…]

Super Handouts for Church Lessons


Looking for handouts for your church lessons? We found a great site that has free printables, ideas, creations, lesson helps, and lots more stuff. There are things for activity days girls, young men and women, Relief Society, and more. Click on over and get some ideas for your next lesson! See it at Emma’s Place [Read More…]

Primary Helps: Two-minute Talks


It’s Saturday night, and you just got the “reminder” call that your child has a talk tomorrow. Only problem is, this is the first time you’ve heard about it! Oops, guess Junior accidentally lost the little slip of paper he was supposed to give to you last Sunday. What to do?

Proclamation on the Family Photo Book


From The Idea Door, here is a delightful way to teach “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” to children.  Use your own photos in a 4″x6″ photo book for a personalized book that teaches the importance of families. Presenting the doctrine like this makes it more real and personal to children, and the photo [Read More…]

Train up a Child


yourLDSneighborhood News for Wednesday, 28 December, 2011 Discipline: an Opportunity for Christlike Parenting by Joel Hiller How do my wife and I teach our young children right from wrong and find the balance between justice and mercy? In our quest to learn what discipline is effective, I’ve talked to a lot of other parents and [Read More…]

Children Should Begin to Set Goals


As we approach the end of one year and prepare to begin a new, we can talk for a moment about helping children to set goals. The fantastic thing about setting goals is the importance it places on making step-by-step approaches to eventually accomplishing it. Simply stating, ‘I want to get an A in math [Read More…]

Teach the Children


We can use symbols of the season, like a candy cane, wreath, and Christmas tree, to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.  This complete family home evening lesson from Tracy at Family Home Evening in a Snap has everything you need, from the treat to the story to a printable clip-art page. (more…)   How [Read More…]

Parenting with the Spirit

Russ Beck

yourLDSneighborhood News for Monday, 28 November, 2011  Effective Parenting, Part 2 by Russ Beck Most of us tend to parent in the same basic fashion as our mother and father.  It feels natural and right to us.  We are emotionally invested in our parents and love them, which means trying to look with objective eyes [Read More…]